The CANADIAN-CROATIAN BUSINESS NETWORK (CCBN) is an apolitical initiative established on May 15th 2010 to organize and better develop relations between Canadian and Croatian business people, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and others who have an interest to promote and maximize the potential economic opportunities between these two countries.

Both Canada and Croatia can benefit from this exchange of ideas and a desire to generate initiatives that can make a difference. The CCBN will provide the required framework to formalize and support initiatives that will develop improvements in relations that will generate additional interest, investment and/or trade between Canada and Croatia.

In addition, the CCBN will be a support network of experienced professionals who can provide support, recommendations and insight to help in initial phases of development for companies or individuals from either country who wish to start up a business.

Members of the CCBN are distinguished succesful business people, professionals and entrepreneurs who live and work in Croatia and have a direct past experience from Canada. This foundation provides a true understanding of the obstacles that may occur and provides the expertise and knowledge to overcome these barriers in order to be successful.

The CCBN represents new economic opportunities between Canada and Croatia.