CCBN Member Edward Bernays University College in Zagreb Announces Free Tuition for Two Students from Croatian Diaspora


Edward Bernays University College from Zagreb announces that two students from the Croatian diaspora will be awarded free tuition for its Experience Management in Tourism graduate study program. The two-year program takes place in Zagreb and is intended for all those who want to return to study in their homeland and are ready to start their career in tourism.

Applications for the contest are open until July 5, 2021.

Classes in the tourism graduate program at Edward Bernays University College take place for the most part in Croatian, with a few courses in English, while the exams within the program can be taken by students in either Croatian or English. As highlighted by this higher education institution, experience management is the occupation of the future. Consequently, the graduate program has been conceived in such a manner that students are personally involved in the teaching and learning process, and they are introduced to the latest techniques and skills, with creativity being the most important feature. The theoretical foundation of the program, as well as the practical needs of the entire tourism sector, due to new trends and lifestyles, is consumer behavior, in this case, consumer experience more specifically. During their studies, returnees will have the opportunity to hone their knowledge of Croatia as a competitive tourist brand, become more acquainted with creativity in tourism and gain the skills that will enable them to strategically approach the development of a destination.

All interested candidates must send the properly completed contest documentation to the e-mail address of Bernays’ Vice Dean for International Cooperation by no later than July 5, 2021. One of the conditions of the contest is that candidates must possess at least B1 level of knowledge of English and A2 level of knowledge of Croatian (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR).

For further information, visit Bernays’ website